Committed to doing good

To ensure the future of next generations, we have a responsibility to be actively involved in the communities where our employees live and work and to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet.


See exactly what our impact looks like and join in on our effort to reduce paper and electricity consumption

In just one year we, in Amdocs, consume together an average of 416 trees in paper – approximately  2300 sheets of paper per employee

Amdocs’ air travel miles in 2014, are equivalent to traveling to the sun and back, plus 37 times to the moon and back…

The electricity consumption of Amdocs for one year can light up the entire globe for half 
an hour 

If all Amdocs employees turned off the lights 
and AC/heating in their office for 1 hour, it 
is equivalent to the electricity consumption 
of 2 households for a year 

In 2014, Amdocs’ carbon emission was 171 mega tons, equal to the CO2 emissions from 83,312,884 kg of burned coal

In 2014,the average carbon footprint of an Amdocs employee equaled the CO2 emissions from 401 propane containers used for home BBQ

In three years, Amdocs reduced its carbon footprint by 19 mega tons, equal to the annual emissions of 4000 cars.

Every small action counts - through collective impact we can make the world a better place.